Porn searches by country

September 13, 2006

Ever wonder what porn people from different countries search for? After all, take away religion and politics, and what’ve you got? A bunch of horny bastards. I dug into the logs, got the data. It proved the horny bastards theory. But what makes us horny, what satisfies us? Are we still similar there?

Searches that just made me laugh:

onion booty (US), rectal rooter (US), fart hammer (US), i shot myself (Germany), german pee (France), penis enlargement (Japan), cumshot circus (Egypt)

(All keyword searches below are listed in descending order)

First, our fun-loving neighbors in the middle-east:

1) Israel: orgy, rape, peter north, bdsm, pain, tit fuck, humiliation, anime, incest, asian fucked, granny, ebony creampie, wife, sybian…
2) Iran: ron jeremy, sandra shine
3) Jordan: scat
4) Egypt: spanking, fucking, classic, ron jeremy, spank, interracial, milk, cumshot circus…
5) Turkey: cartoon, anal, celeb, shemale, granny, animal, vintage, abby winters
6) Lebanon: incest, anal asian fucked, monique alexander, rape
7) Kuwait: bbw, comics, big dick, celebrity
8) Saudi Arabia: animal sex and baby, piss, videotape, diya mirza, shemale, anime, ebony sex, boys, pee, boy sex, teachers fucking students, ass licking
9) Syria: anal
10) Palestinian territories: hot legs and feet, club sandy

What to make of this? For peace:

  • let people screw their family members
  • spank each other silly
  • ride the Sybian while watching cartoons
  • for God’s sake, make Ron Jeremy the US ambassidor to the region.

Countries the US bombed in recent history:

1) Serbia: als, mom anal fuck, comix, cum, bbw anal, small tits, chubby, voyeur, horse, interracial queen, retro, mature, group sex, granny
2) Panama: ass thick, ron jeremy, teen, asia carrera
3) see middle-east
Afghanistan: abby winters, private, abby, naughtyathome, lenka

Countries the US is likely to bomb in near future:

1) France: kyla cole, sybian, anal, kscans, orgasm, ddf, pee, piss, german pee, teen, facesitting, voyeur, hairy, animal, bukkake, cum face, senior, french, granny
2) see middle-east
3) Venezula: view pornstars, jizz on glasses, huge fucks, penis extender, big boob dreams…

Countries likely to be hit by hurricanes:

1) Bermuda: ass to mouth, pussy inflation, huge pissy lips
2) Dominican Republic
: sexy kittens, fight, kat young, animal
3) Jamaica: anime fiction, classic porn, dragonball hentai
4) Trinidad and Tobago: ztod, briana banks, jenna jameson, krysal steal
5) Antigua: naughty allie, upskirt, big black booty club

Best country for large women to vacation:

1) Malaysia: fat teen fucking, anime, hentai, sybian, av, chubby lovers, fat huge teen woman, fat woman, young fatties, fatties teen…

Of course, there’s the US, UK, all of South America, Europe, Asia, the rest of the world. To see what people there searched for, the full data is here. Interesting stuff.

The data lists search keywords for all countries over the last 15 days. The data used in this article includes searches done over the last 6 months.

(note: Eonsex does NOT collect or store any personal information. All IP addresses are assigned a random number.)


Ode to a naked beauty

August 23, 2006

With chaste heart, and pure
I celebrate you, my beauty,
restraining my blood
so that the line
surges and follows
your contour,
and you bed yourself in my verse,
as in woodland, or wave-spume:
earth’s perfume,
sea’s music.Nakedly beautiful,
whether it is your feet, arching
at a primal touch
of sound or breeze,
or your ears,
tiny spiral shells
from the splendour of America’s oceans.
Your breasts also,
of equal fullness, overflowing
with the living light
and, yes,
your eyelids of silken corn
that disclose
or enclose
the deep twin landscapes of your eyes.

The line of your back
separating you
falls away into paler regions
then surges
to the smooth hemispheres
of an apple,
and goes splitting
your loveliness
into two pillars
of burnt gold, pure alabaster,
to be lost in the twin clusters of your feet,
from which, once more, lifts and takes fire
the double tree of your symmetry:
flower of fire, open circle of candles,
swollen fruit raised
over the meeting of earth and ocean.

Your body – from what substances
agate, quartz, ears of wheat,
did it flow, was it gathered,
rising like bread
in the warmth,
and signalling hills
valleys of a single petal, sweetnesses
of velvet depth,
until the pure, fine, form of woman
and rested there?

It is not so much light that falls
over the world
extended by your body
its suffocating snow,
as brightness, pouring itself out of you,
as if you were
burning inside.

Under your skin the moon is alive.

by Pablo Neruda

Water everywhere

August 2, 2006

Nope, not Taylor Rain. I’m talking about one of the most popular searches on Eonsex: Squirting

Stumbling upon Leonor

July 22, 2006

I love the random feature on Eonsex. For those who don’t know, when you first land on, you are automatically on random. You can also browse random galleries by clicking on the Eonsex logo.

So, given that there are over 1.5 million free galleries, you’d need a lot of free time (and motivation) to see them all.

Yesterday, I was browsing random galleries and I saw a photo that made my jaw drop. Enter, Elenor Varela. This Chilean bombshell who’s starred in European and American TV and movies, is the type of beauty that makes you fall to your knees, look up at the sky, and give thanks that you’re a man.

That’s why I love the random feature. Each time, I discover a new fetish or model to go gaga over.

The most searched for word on Eonsex: Asian

Why do we love Asian women? The soft skin, the eyes, the mystery? Whatever it is, there’s plenty of Asian women on Eonsex.

So go ahead, watch them taking a bath, modeling, or just wearing red stockings. Get creative. Find Asians with your favorite fetish. Then share them with others in the comments for this post.

The most searched for woman on Eonsex: Kyla Cole

No big surprise. The former Penthouse pet is stunning. Just her in a bikini, staring out a window, is enough to turn any man into a drooling teenager. For your pleasure:

A visit to the doctor

July 13, 2006

I was feeling a little under the weather today so I went to the doctor’s office. His secretary made me fill out some paperwork. As I handed it back to her, she leaned forward and I could see the curves of her breasts straining against her red bra. Suddenly, I felt a lot better.

The nurse came to get me. I followed her to the examining room, watching her thong ride up her cute butt.

“Let’s take your temperature,” she said in the examining room.

Oral or anal?” I asked.

She giggled. “I prefer oral.

She took my temperature and wrote it down in my medical record. The doctor walked in.

…to be continued.